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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  August 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they say florida voters care most about the economy, followed by health care and medicare. >> and currently, essentially in a tie with the president being slightly ahead. you would rather be slightly ahead than slightly behind. >> while the campaigning in new mexico yesterday, mitt romney released details on his energy policy. he said he would relax some current regulations and he vowed the natio would be energy independent by 2020. meanwhile, former president bill clinton warns against any rollbacks of any current policies. don't forget we'll have completion coverage of the republican national convention. julie carey and i will bring you live reports from tampa all of next week. news 4 will bring you live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte the following week. just about 4:31. time for our first look at the forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein, another beautiful morning to start the day. >> yes, starting off a little more humid this morning.
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it has been the last couple of mornings. still pleasant approximately we'll take it. we've got clouds passing over the region now coming in from the south and west. and that little cluster of color there, you see in the lower right of your screen. those are some showers and thunder showers around the outer banks. it's associated with a weak trough of low pressure that unfortunately is going to be creeping north and, as it does, it's going to bring in more clouds through the day and increase our chance of some rain over the weekend, i'm afraid. right now around the region all of these areas in green in the 60s. so off to a comfortable start and a few locations in western maryland and into west virginia, have dipped down into the 50s. mid and upper 50s there. close to washington. low to mid 50s, prince george's county. much of southern maryland, the eastern shore, charles county, farther west into prince william, mid 60s. we'll hold steady here, mid 60
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orz so to near 70, a lot of clouds around. sunshine in and out. clouding up again as that low starts creeping north as we get toward late afternoon. a look at your friday evening planner and hometown forecast, that's coming up in tenpin under the circumstances. a look now at your first4 traffic. here's danella. >> checking out the roadways. not seeing any accidents to warn you about yet. but let's talk about some overnight road work. still taking place on the beltway. first, let's start with the outer loop of the brb at braddock, work zone set up there. arlington boulevard, on the inner loop, ramp there still has road work happening. it may still be shut down but should end around 5:00 a.m. i-270 here, travel lanes are open. i'll give you a live look past clarksburg road traveling southbound and northbound. no issues to report. as you connect to the beltway, again, nice and clear on the outer loop in montgomery county and the inner loop. here's a live look at connecticut avenue.
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i-270 heading to i-95, driving at 61 miles per hour, just a ten-minute drive right now. i'm also back in ten. aaron and eun? >> thank you, danella. new this morning, a man is fighting for his life after being shot in the head in the northeast. this happened just after 10:00 last night on the thousand block on rhode island avenue. police arrived to find the man unconscious and he was taken to the local hospital in grave condition. rhode island avenue was also shut down for several hours while police investigated. so far, no word of any suspects. news4 exclusive now this morning. we're getting a look at exactly what happened on a ride-on bus as it slammed into a silver spring home. that crash happened monday morning. the driver was trying to make a right turn from state side drive on to avonel road. video cameras, look at that. they show the bus driver trying to regain control of the vehicle. passengers were thrown from their seats on to the floor there on the bus. you see that right here. camera from the front of the
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bus, well, you can see this one that t. homeowner standing on the street. he says he just parked his taxi in the driveway moments before that crash. >> it would not have been end of the story. >> the bus demolished the taxi, crashed through a little girl's bedroom as well. she was at schoolal the time. nobody on the bus or inside the house were seriously hurt. the damage estimated at more than $100,000. that house has been condemned. >> incredible video. memorial services will be today for two women killed in a train derailment in ellicott city. less byte nass and rose mayr. the 19-year-olds were sitting on one side of a train bridge. they were buried in coal when the train derailed. a funeral mass for nass will be later this morning. mayr was a nursing student at the university of delaware. her viewing is this evening and her funeral will take place
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tomorrow. today prince george's county police will continue their search for the suspect who killed a 17-year-old girl. detectives say a man broke into amber stanley's home late wednesday night and shot her and then ran pauch stanley, a senior at charles flowers high school, was an honor student that dreams of attending harvard. neighbors had nothing but kind words for her, calling her smart, quiet, and kind. >> i can't say anything except she was a nice young lady and you would see her and she would speak to you. >> she was a quiet girl, you know. and just watching her grow up to be a beautiful young girl, that's really was so heart wrenching, because she was a good kid. >> amber stanley lived with her mother and older sister and her child and a teenage foster sister. police visited the home recently because of a reported assault on amber's foster sister. it's unclear if that incident has any connection to her
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murder. 4:35 now. this morning it appears that lance armstrong will lose his seven tour de france titles. the cyclist announced he's giving up his fight against the u.s. antidoping agency. that organization difficult "american idol" kused armstrong of using performance enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. they will ban him from professional cycling for life and may strip him from his seven titles. he said, in part, quote, there comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, enough is enough. today, i turn the page. i will no longer address the issue, regardless of the circumstances. he says he will continue to work on his foundation which helps people and families affected by cancer. it is now 4:36. 73 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," why the state lawmaker involved in a violent boat accident that injured several children is now asking for forgiveness. and amazon making a big announcement. what industry insiders think the
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company will reveal. plus rain could interrupt your weekend plans? weather and traffic on the ones.
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redskins fans can meet players and coaches up close today at the team's annual welcome home luncheon at 11:00 this morning. the entire team will be on hand to minkle with the burgundy and
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gold lovers. if you can't make it, you can watch the redskins take on the colts in preseason action right here on nbc4. the game starts at 4:00 p.m. saturday. >> it was more meaningful more than anything else. it was a more meaningful than playing with another team to get 10,000 yards. if i couldn't do it here, i really didn't want to do it. >> emotional good-bye from the second best rusher in redskins history. clinton portis got choked up while announcing his retirement. ends a nine-season career, seven spent here in washington. team released him two years ago just 77 yards short of the elusive 10,000 mark. still, redskins fans will remember him as one of the funnest players to watch. we h made an impact. >> people wondered if he would show up in a costume yesterday. it was really obviously a difficult moment for him. >> bittersweet. >> yeah. >> he had a lot of tweets just thanking the fans and thanking all the supporters and his
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colleagues for making his career so fun. speaking of thanking, tom kierein is in storm center4, we thank you for this forecast, tom. >> another gorgeous morning under way. at 4:41 on this friday morning, around the region we're in the 60s and that includes la plata, charles county. by 6:30, upper 60s. a little sunshine. a little sun in and out this morning through noontime. by noontime for the lunch hour, the low 80s. and here's the hour-by-hour forecast for the entire region today. we'll have highs reaching in the mid and upper 80s. a lot of cloudiness late afternoon for the afternoon commute. back down to the low to mid 80s by early evening. if you're heading out tonight, here's your evening planner. by 8:00, near 80. we'll be back down to the low to mid 70s by midnights. we'll take a look at the weekend and into next week. change is on the way.
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test isaac track as well. that's in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. watching road work, let's head to prince george's county around the beltway. use take the outer loop, first work zone we're going to talk about is one at i-95. that's two of your right lanes getting by. the second work zone here, just one right lane will get you by. both work zones should be out of the roadway by 5:00 a.m. route 50, heading out from annapolis and making your way towards 3 and the beltway, nice and clear. here's a live look as you travel along 50 inside the beltway. no issues in maryland as you make your way past east/west highway and outbound as well. as you head from east/west highway, you are looking nice and clear. i'm also checking cameras in the district. things are quiet right now. happy friday to you. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you. 4:42. still to come, new found freedom for the florida woman once accused of killing her
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for the first time in four years casey anthony can come and go as she pleases. her probation ended at midnight. she was acquitted last july for the murder in the death of her 20 2-year-old daughter caylee. anthony was put on probation after being convicted on check fraud charges. her next moves are unclear but there are reports she got a new u.s. passport. 15 before the hour. a maryland lawmaker admits he was drunk when his boat collided with another injuring four children. six people are still recovering this morning. delegate donald dwyer is being tweeted at shock trauma in baltimore. he was driving his motor boat another adult on board. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when they slammed into a second boat that was pulling two children on a tube near pasadena, maryland.
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>> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. no one, no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. >> dwight went on to say that he deeply regrets his actions and is asking for for giveness from the public. he's a republican member of the house of delegates who has been serving anne arundel county for years. fbi and capital police are investigating multiple threats jins todd akin. he's the candidate who sparked national controversy this week when he used the term legitimate rape. his spokesman says there have been multiple threats made against the congressman. his family and staff. capital police say their investigation is active and open. they will not release any other details about this case. the retired navy s.e.a.l.
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who wrote a book about taking part in the co-work raid that killed osama bin laden could face legal trouble. he wrote the book under a pseudonym mark owen. he could face a civil lawsuit for not seeking a military review before the book was published. he could also be prosecuted for revealing classified information. the book titled "no easy day" will hit store sheflhelveves se. a grand jury indicted 28-year-old floyd corkins for the shooting at the headquarters. the group recently supported the president of chick-fil-a who staunchly opposes same-sex marriage. in addition to weapon and ammunition, he also had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches with him. bizarre break-in at a d.c. bank of america branch. surveillance video shows the burglar wearing a hazardous material suit.
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strikingly similar break-in was attempted at the same bank one year ago. that time the burglar did not wear a hazmat suit. in both cases police say nothing was found missing from the bank. the fbi is investigating. new this morning. a nasa liftoff from cape canaveral is on hold. it happened just minutes ago. a satellite tracking issue seems to be the cause. and hope to try to fly again tomorrow. the space agency hoped to send two radiation probes into orbit. the mission was to explore some of the harshest hazardous regions of space in the van allen belts. the scientists have known the existence of the radiation belts for half a century but many of the details still puzzle them. they are 25,000 miles above the earth. folks at nasa goddard space station usually find curious things in the skies, not in their backyard. they recently stumbled on two dinosaur tracks on the goddard campus in green belt, maryland. geologists believe the creatures that left the footprint were
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large plant eater that weighed as much as a small elephant. they roamed the earth some 112 million years ago. hard to wrap your head around that. experts say one track belongs to an adult and the second track seems to be a smaller version of the same creature, possibly a young dino following its mother. isn't that just incredible what scientists can figure out. >> is that just me or did it look a little fresh? >> because there are elephants in the backyard of the goddard space center? >> 112 million years ago. this years ears incoming freshman class at virginia tech includes a first for the school. a set of quadruplets. four siblings from richmond are settling in there. no campus suite for them. the three brothers and one sister will live apart for the first time in their own dorm rooms. despite the distance from home the family plans to make a lot of time for each other. >> we're pretty close. we talk a lot around the kitchen table and those kinds of
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activities won't happen anymore. you know, but we'll still be in touch. skype, face time. >> it's going to be different but i think we're all going to grow from it and really enjoy it. >> the quadruplets leave behind a 16-year-old brother at home who won't get to enjoy that because they send all the money on college. >> four college tuitions at one time, wow. for one brother, though, i think he might feel a little sense of relief, don't you think? going to feel like an only child. 4: 51. tom, what's going on? >> this morning it's a little more humid. you will probably notice that just as you step out. as you get ready for work and school, don't have any rain around, but there is quite a bit of cloudiness. this is what's been happening over the last four hours. just some high clouds drifting over the region. coming from a coastal area of low pressure that's down around the outer banks. and that's going to affect our weather for the weekend. but right now, down into the low to mid 60s from the shenandoah
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valley east all of the way into the washington metro area. and the chesapeake bay, a bit milder. upper 60s, near 70. farther west, win maryland and west virginia, it's in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. prince george's county now, it's in the mid 60s there, as well as montgomery, arlington, and fairfax. and in the charles county, prince william county, too, mid 60s. this is what has been happening here for isaac. it is still a disorganized weak tropical storm. it's affecting a wild area though over the eastern caribbean. it's south though of hate by the south of dominican republic. thankfully it's not going to be affecting them for the next few hours. however, by later today, it may be passing right over perhaps haiti, and that may bring down torrential rain and may cause flooding there. then looks like it's going to move farther west than it has been looking the last couple of days. cuba, that will keep it at tropical storm strength, not a hurricane. and then this is going to be, by
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sunday, at around 2:00 a.m. or so, it's going to be right near key west. and then by monday at around 2:00 a.m., it's going to be near ft. myers is the way it looks right now. latest indications are it may actually strengthen to a weak hurricane before it makes landfall. right now it looks like mobile, alabama. that system may try to pass west of us by late next week. for the morning hours, don't have any trouble around for your morning commute, we'll be in the 60s, the 70s. the noon hour, low 80s. tomorrow, cooler than today. near 80. might get a shower in the morning or afternoon thunder sure on saturday. as well as sunday. and then as we get into next week, cloudy tuesday afternoon and evening. might get some showers and thunder showers. overall, a settled pattern. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella is here now with a look at traffic. your first4 traffic report will head down to virginia vinlg and look at the occoquan. as you pass the occoquan river bridge northbound.
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you can see a lot of bustling happening. no accidents northbound or southbound. northbound travel speed is nice. occoquan to the beltway, you're at about 11 minutes. that drive, you will be about 63 miles per hour. on 395 northbound, as you make your way to seminary road, report of a disabled vehicle there blocking the right lane. i can't see it on camera but i will show you what glebe looks like. the volume is light so you will be able to get by that disabled rather easily. 4:53 now. you can expect some delay it is you have to drive-thru the beltway in northern virginia this weekend. starting tonight, several lanes of i-66 west at the beltway will be shut down. crews will also close exit ramps leading to 66 west, then starting sunday night, southbound 495 ramp to 66 will completely close. during that time you will have to take little river turnpike. everything will be back to norpal by monday. all the closures are for work on the express lanes project. metro riders can expect delays this weekend. crews will be making track repairses on the orange and red
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lines. on the red line, trains will single track between grosvenor and medical center. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between vienna and east falls church on the silver line extension. all the work is expected to wrap up by monday morning's commute. well, it looks like the nationals will make the playoffs for the first time since coming back to washington and there's a bit of controversy though over metro service after potential playoff games at nats park. d.c. and team officials met last month to figure out who is going to pay for the extended metro service if the nats make the post-season. the city says the team should pay for it as d.c. shelled out $800 million to pay for nationals park. about a month left in fact season, the nats have a 6 1/2 game lead over the atlanta braves. we may not know who is going to win the election this november but washington, d.c.'s park height hotel is preparing for the inauguration. the hotel is offering
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extravagant inauguration deal. it is a five-day package from january 18th through the 22nd in the hotel's penthouse suite. price would package $57,000. it features a personal stylist, a chef, a private tour of the kennedy center, and other perks. >> we also have a special five-course dinner at tavern chef's table, also for 12 guests, where executive chefs will prepare a five-course dinner with great american wayne wins and each of the courses will feature the president elect's favorite dishes. >> the hotel and four seasons are also offering special inauguration prices for the big day. planning ahead already. just a day after conducting a taste test for the d.c. water and sewer authority wants to serve tap water instead of bottled water at the inauguration in january. charles schumer, the authority says tap water is a penny a gallon. that's compared to bottled water that costs 100 times more. schumer recently announced that new york-based saratoga springs
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water will supply water for the inauguration. we'll have to see how that ends out. >> they will still have to bottle the tap water. how would you serve it. >> compared to bottled water, a lot less. tap water versus saratoga springs. coming up, people in texas take their high school football very seriously. and coming up in the next hour of "news4 today," frightening video of a mother walking off a subway platform with her 4-year-old son in her arms. how it happened and how she says she will prevent it from ever happening again.
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caught on camera. >> actually, amazon kindle fans, you can be in the market for an upgrade apparently. the company announced a press conference for september 6th reportedly to unveil a new version of the kindle fire tablet. the ipad remains king but amazon is hoping the kindle fire's much cheaper price tag will draw in consumers. apple will sent out a smaller ipad, too. nothing like kicking off high school football season with a pep rally, not for the team but for a new side yaum. $60 million stadium north of dallas. this is dallas. the 18,000 seat venue opened last night. it features a high definition scoreboard, luxury


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